Welcome to Freddys Football Blog!

Thank you for visiting Freddy’s football championship blog. Diane and I are so proud of Freddy for his accomplishments this football season. As you may know Freddy played cornerback and tight end for the Fighting Irish. The team did well and had a pretty decent 3-4 season wining the DiamondBack Bowl against the (3 – 4) Cardinals.

Freddy has been given the privilege of being invited on to play with the Warriors for a chance at the NYS 2011 National Championship Tournament in San Diego California. The four day tournament takes place in San Diego California. Freddy has already started practice and is very excited to play on a winning squad with 3 of his former Irish teammates.

We are attempting to raise some money to cover some if not all of the travel, lodging and tournament expenses. We are asking that you would graciously donate a minimum of $5.00. We appreciate any donation amount and we also covet your prayers as we give all glory to God for this opportunity and talent that Freddy displays for this sport.

Thank you and may God Bless you.

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